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  Schneider Land Management
Let us assist you with the management of your forest land and property!
Ron Schneider 
    What are your land owner goals and objectives?
▴ Yearly maintenance of existing stands of reproduction
▴ Improve older stands for future revenue
▴ Develop riparian areas (springs, ponds, creeks)
▴ Thinning and brush cleanup for specific use areas
▴ Document land survey, timber inventory (age/species), wells, riparian areas, soils survey, vegetation survey, road inventory, aerial maps, topographical maps, county map

Schneider Land Management has been involved in forest land management, road building, excavating and property development for 35 years.

We will work on a consulting basis on any of these areas listed above.

We do full cycle tree farm management: clearing, planting, thinning, harvesting, and marketing of timber. We have experience with harvesting along creeks and restrictions involving different categories of creeks.

Schneider Land Management has been active in forest land management on their own property with a mixed age stand of 15 to 80 year old trees, located in the Cottage Grove, Oregon area since 1971.
Member of Small Woodlands Association
Master Woodlands Manager, OSU Extension Service
B.S. in Business Administration
Southern Oregon State College, Ashland, OR
35+ years timber harvesting experience
Road Building and excavating on residential properties.